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Kirk Smith

PhD Student

University of Oxford (UK)

Kirk, a doctoral candidate in Professor Charles Monroe’s group at the University of Oxford, currently works on nonaqueous redox flow batteries. His thesis work aims to clarify the performance tradeoffs inherent in electrochemical reactors which use porous separators instead of ion-exchange membranes and demonstrate the utility of this design choice in benchtop-scale flow batteries with novel electrolyte formulations. A Rhodes Scholar (Oklahoma & Trinity, 2017) and graduate of the University of Tulsa (BSc, mechanical engineering, 2017), he was a captain of Tulsa’s NCAA Division I cross country team. Broadly interested in (photo)electrochemical and mechanical engineering as they apply to grid-scale energy storage and power-to-X technologies, he strives to accelerate a just transition to a clean energy economy through his technical research while advocating for policies that enable truly fair competition between energy technologies. Kirk is a strong proponent of open-source hardware and software, quality affordable housing, and lightweight electric vehicles, among other things. He plans to work between academia and industry on the development of continuous electrochemical processing technologies.