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Patrick B Keegan


Elevated Air

Patrick Keegan grew up in Houston and after attending the University of Texas in Austin, returned to Houston to work for the Coca Cola Co. Foods Division. He later worked for the Miller Brewing Co. serving as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In 1986 Keegan purchased the exclusive distribution rights to the Miller Brewing Co. Brands for Eastern Oklahoma. This transaction brought Keegan to Tulsa and also earned him the distinction as the youngest, first generation, major beer distributor in the country. In 2004, Keegan and legendary architect, Jack Arnold, established European Copper, a licensing, manufacturing, and distribution company for copper chimney pots. European Copper Pots provide form, fashion and function, gracing thousands of homes and businesses worldwide. Keegan also serves as President of Elevated Air, a leading-edge technology company, utilizing UAV (drone) technology combined with advanced sensor technology to improve air quality and process safety. Elevated Air’s patented the use of carbon nanotube sensors designed to measure specific compounds (i.e., CO2, CH4, CO, VOCs, etc.) wirelessly, ppm levels, at 4x per second. The same patented technology has been implemented into handheld devices to monitor air quality in the home or office, and into stationary sensor systems to form sensor networks to quantify real-time air quality in communities as around schools. EA also provides remote measurement of gas emissions from industrial processes such as gas flares and pipelines, quantifying plume dispersion efficiently and safety using advanced UAV technology.