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Daniel Te

Fellow, Cyber & Analytics

Daniel is a creative, passionate worker that strives to foster systems that uplift people equitably. At TIL, he works within the Cyber & Analytics portfolio to empower Tulsans with well-paying, accessible jobs, knowing that robust economic opportunity leads to long-lasting impacts in quality of life.

Raised in Virginia, Daniel graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Urban Studies. He received the Class of 1869 Prize for the best thesis in moral and social philosophy, writing on what we ought to do to address racial injustice and economic inequality in urban ghettos.

Previously, Daniel worked with the Stanford Center for Poverty and Inequality’s American Voices Project, which is the largest qualitative study ever attempted. He conducted over 40 hours of 2-3 hour long interviews, listening to the life stories of Americans from a wide range of backgrounds. He also worked with Princeton’s American Studies program to study COVID-19 effects on food insecurity policy and small New Jersey farmers.

In his free time, Daniel is an avid beatboxing enthusiast, and also a free-spirited multi-medium artist capable of working across visual design and audio mixing.