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TIL is issuing a call for proposals to co-design and operate Health Nexus Tulsa

TIL is building best-in-class resources and programs to position Tulsa as an international leader in Virtual Health. These offerings will interdigitate to span from research and discovery to start-up and large-scale company support. Health Nexus Tulsa will be a centerpiece of our start-up support programs. Health Nexus Tulsa will serve as a collaboration point for major payers, providers, and self-insured employers across the region.

TIL is thrilled to issue a call for proposals to co-design and operate Health Nexus Tulsa – a coalition of providers, payors, and corporations that aims to advance health equity through the application of emerging virtual health technologies.

Health Nexus Tulsa will proceed in phases. In this request for proposal, we seek ambitious operators to build a self-sustaining Fast-Track to Pilot program to accelerate the growth of promising virtual health technologies. In future phases, we envision additional expertise in new venture creation and venture capital to create full service offering for the providers, payors, and corporations in the region. This family of offerings will position Tulsa as a center of gravity for virtual health companies across the world.

We strongly encourage respondents to be creative in their proposals to bring us unique approaches and ideas that meet our minimum objectives, showcase their expertise and inspire us to think big.


TIL will host an information session on April 11, 2023. If interested in attending, please contact sahee@tulsainnovationlabs.com. Proposals should be sent to shawna@tulsainnovationlabs.com by June 9, 2023.

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