5 Focus Areas

To determine the strongest opportunities for Tulsa's economy, Tulsa Innovation Labs conducted a rigorous and data-driven analysis. Three tech clusters and two cross-industry enablers rose to the surface. The study was informed by over 100 stakeholder interviews and was supported by McKinsey & Company, the global management consultancy.


tulsa's tech niche

Top 5 Opportunities for Economic Growth

TIL will work with GKFF to invest an initial $50 million to catalyze growth across these five interconnected areas through various initiatives.

virtual health

Virtual & Remote Care Solutions

Virtual health's core services have traditionally included patient-doctor and doctor-doctor consultations completed via telephone, video, or chatbots. Today's advancements in technology, however, are improving the accessibility and sophistication of virtual health and are creating new benefits across the providers, payor, and patient spectrum.

Example Innovations

  • Sensor Technology
  • IoT Medical Devices
  • Health Informatics Tools

Why Tulsa

Virtual and remote care solutions are especially valuable to underserved and rural communities, such as those in Oklahoma, and are important options during public health emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

our vision for virtual health

TIL will work to transform Tulsa into a virtual health hub for the South, with best-in-class tools developed at local research centers and a vibrant business community, with successful startups, innovative providers, and growing outposts for national companies.

energy tech

Operational Technology in Energy

Digital technologies are being adopted across every part of the energy value chain. As renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives grow, they create an imperative for energy companies to enhance their operations through automation, analytics, and operational technology (OT).

Example Innovations

  • Autonomous Drone Surveillance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Advanced Sensors

Why Tulsa

These solutions are pivotal for retaining Tulsa's oil and gas workforce and creating accessible jobs that are protected from automation.

our vision for energy tech

TIL plans to establish Tulsa as a center of excellence in the U.S. energy industry for analytics, automation, and OT. We aspire for Tulsa to be a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability, with local energy companies innovating internally and a growing network of startups taking root in Tulsa.

Advanced Aerial Mobility

Drone Operations & Testing for Energy and Agriculture

The advanced aerial mobility market (AAM) is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decade to become a $117B annual market in the United States by 2035. As technology and regulations evolve, this market will grow beyond remote sensing and inspections to include cargo applications and eventually transportation.

Example Innovations

  • Safety inspections of critical infrastructure
  • Unmanned delivery of parcels or medical supplies
  • Electrically-powered urban air taxis

Why Tulsa

Tulsa’s history of excellence in the aerospace industry combined with top level university research make it the ideal place for AAM companies to grow and thrive.
Our Vision for Advanced Aerial Mobility:
TIL is creating a center of gravity for advanced aerial mobility in Tulsa centered on industry-aligned R&D, unique testing assets, and an advanced mobility workforce which will launch new companies and catalyze the next generation of mobility innovations.

our vision for Advanced Aerial Mobility

TIL envisions creating a center of gravity for advanced aerial mobility in Tulsa, with drone companies headquartered in the city, an expanded association of agriculture and energy companies building outposts in Tulsa for their UAV divisions, and concentrated efforts to spur innovation in drone applications.


Cybersecurity is experiencing near exponential growth, with applications across industries. Although there are many mature cyber companies, there is still heavy innovation and growth happening in niche areas.

Example Innovations

  • Cybersecurity for Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Operational Technology (OT) Security
  • Security for Medical Devices

Why Tulsa

Tulsa's base of energy companies, with critical infrastructure to protect, as well as the city's growing ecosystems in virtual health and advanced aerial mobility, would benefit from new cyber talent and applied research.

our vision for cyber

TIL plans to build Tulsa into a regional, then national leader in cyber. To do so, TIL is focusing on building an inclusive and high-quality cyber workforce and fostering applied research between local universities and industry partners.


Data and analytics is a rapidly-growing sector in almost every industry. Given its increasing importance, building capabilities in advanced analytics (e.g. Artificial intelligence, machine learning) can be a catalyst to improve Tulsa’s positioning in both its existing industries and in emerging sectors.

Example Innovations

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Health and Bioinformatics

Why Tulsa

Upskilling talent in Tulsa to jobs in data analytics and data science would help transition workers to the new economy while supporting the city's broader innovation ecosystem.

our vision for analytics

TIL's vision is for Tulsa to be a leader in data analytics and data sciences education and training. Startups and established companies alike need analytics talent. By investing heavily in workforce development for advanced analytics, TIL will help fuel the growth of virtual health, operational technology for energy, and advanced aerial mobility.

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