Innovation Accelerator Foundation: Welcome to Tulsa!

Tulsa Innovation Labs
May 20, 2021

The Innovation Accelerator Foundation (IAF) is a groundbreaking nonprofit organization with a mission to promote our nation’s economic and military strength by promoting innovation. And they’ve got some important news for Tulsa; they’re moving their headquarters from Manhattan to our beautiful Green Country city. 

The move is an important one, particularly because of what it could mean for local universities. One way that the IAF supports innovation is by using federal capital to fund university research efforts and support upcoming tech startups. IAF is already affiliated with multiple ivy league schools — including 34 of the 40 largest research and development universities in our country, whose boards include university innovation leaders such as Karen Immergluck (Stanford), Nichole Mercier (Washington University), Orin Herskovitz (Columbia) and Jon Soderstrom (Yale) — and now that same level of backing will be available to universities in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. The University of Tulsa is one of the first participating universities that will work with IAF on a wide array of cyber-related research projects.  

What’s more, Tulsa will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of ensuring our nation continues its legacy as a leader in technology and innovation. And, of course, it will also be at the center of ensuring the safety and security of our nation now and in the future. 

IAF Founder and Director John Pyrovolakis expressed how much he’s looking forward to the move, saying, "We are grateful that GKFF and TIL have welcomed us into the Tulsa community. Their support will help us pursue our patriotic mission of supporting our military and intelligence community's innovation activities and leveraging university innovation to that end. Tulsa and our nation will be better off due to their support." 

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